Corrections Policy its contributors always do our best to ensure that information and facts cited are accurate. However, mistakes do occur, especially concerning the work that we do. We will correct any inaccuracies brought to our attention at the earliest opportunity and with due prominence.

If facts are stated incorrectly or if the information is incorrectly identified or presented, we welcome and encourage you to bring errors to our attention. Our policy is to acknowledge the mistake on time, when it is brought to our attention, and to state the facts correctly.

The will take all reasonable steps to identify and credit the originator of any third-party content to help ensure that copyrights are respected. Any failure to credit the originator will be corrected with due prominence at the earliest opportunity when issues are brought to our attention. We will not shy away from addressing errors.

We are also open to questions about the decision making and conduct of those who are employed directly by and set high standards for those involved in the organization.

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